July 10th, 2009
by Jacob

Since 1952 I have continually constructed and perfected Elite Arrows.  My specialty is wood arrows.  Many bow hunters have used them for taking big game trophies, and archers using them regularly capture championships on levels from local and state to even national and world!  I have used them to take moose, elk, black bear, antelope, white tail deer, mule deer, turkey and caribou.  Be sure to view our TROPHY TAKERS and CHAMPIONS pages.

Arrows are a primary factor in archery accuracy.  Their shafts must be straight and they must have the correct spine for the archer and their bow.  The best way to check an arrow shaft’s straightness is to use a roller setup.  The best way to determine the correct arrow shaft spine is to shoot varying spined feathered arrows through a paper-faced frame at 6 feet.  For more information review THE PROPER ARROW section of this site.
I continuously test the materials and processes and make constant improvements to my arrows. Elite arrows come in only one grade: Premium. Cresting, crown, boot and shaft coloring are standard, and a variety of colors (including feathers) are available. You can select parallel, tapered or barrel tapered Port Orford Cedar, Sitka Spruce or Laminated Birch shafts for your arrows. Every dozen shafts is matched within a minimum of + or – 3# in spine (58# – 60#) and + or – 10 grains in weight (500 gr – 510 gr).

Personal experience has convinced me that Port Orford Cedar shafts are still the very best wood arrow material available.  They maintain their straightness and spine very well.  Both of these characteristics are primary criteria for excellent arrow flight.  Sitka Spruce shafts are close seconds to Port Orford Cedar shafts.  For bow hunters wanting heavy arrows, Laminated Birch shafts are the best hardwood shafts I have tested to date.

If you have any questions regarding Elite Arrows, please contact us.

NOTE:  We usually have some arrows in stock, so if you need arrows fast we can usually accommodate you.  Let us know your requirements and we will determine what we have to meet them and e-mail a picture of the available arrows.

Thanks for your consideration,
Paul Jalon
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